About ETHOS Search Group

e-thos [ee-thos, ee-thohs, eth-os]:  n.  The disposition, character or fundamental values peculiar to a specific people, culture or movement.

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our site.  We are ETHOS Search Group, an executive and management search firm providing staffing services to companies seeking best-of-class leaders and elite employees.  We are experts at identifying “passive” (employed, happy, and productive) candidates that companies need to be leaders in their own industries.  Because of our industry expertise, and unparalleled commitment to our clients and candidates, we have successfully fulfilled hundreds of assignments.  We tend to enjoy long-term relationships with those who choose to work with us due to our unrelenting efforts to provide them with the highest possible levels of service.

Our clients tell us there are four main reasons they choose us over competitors:

Expertise – We know how to identify world-class leadership talent.  We have a comprehensive database of candidates, and we’re constantly adding to it.  Whatever your specific hiring challenges, our team has the knowledge and access to understand and provide a solution.

Execution – We know where to find qualified talent.  More importantly, we know how to get it to you.  For every position, we follow our time-tested and highly effective Priority Search Process to identify, qualify and deliver the talent you need.  How do we know it works?  The answer is simple: 3 to 1.  For every 3 candidates we put in front of clients, one of them is hired.

Focus on Character, Credentials and Culture – Making sure candidates for your leadership roles have the right credentials is just part of the answer.  It’s equally important that they fit your culture, and embody the right character traits that will complement your team.  We don’t just want to fill a position; we want to help you build a company culture that endures.

Easy to Work With – We are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and we hold ourselves accountable to an established project schedule.  You won’t have to wonder if progress is being made on your search, as we will keep you informed and engaged throughout the process. In short, you will know exactly where your search stands from start to finish.

Please take some time to check out our website.  We look forward to working with you.