We have forged strategic partnerships that add value to our offerings. ETHOS Search Group maintains key partnerships in the recruiting industry. Not only do these exclusive partnerships allow us to tap into the collective knowledge of experts so we can better serve our clients, but they also keep us up to date on timely issues.

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The Pinnacle Society

The Pinnacle Society represents the best of the best. It is an honors organization for permanent placement recruiters. Formed in 1989, it provides 75 of the top recruiters in the country with a forum to discuss ideas about the recruiting industry. Membership requirements keep the talent fresh and hold the members to a very high standard of production. It is a non-profit, independent organization that is not affiliated with any particular trainer or organization, such as NAPS or AESC.

Dedicated to excellence in recruiting, members of the Pinnacle Society are committed to an honest, ethical style of doing business and share a desire to raise the standards of the profession on a global level. Several Pinnacle Society members are trainers and have conducted presentations to recruiting firms both nationally and internationally, teaching others the qualities and techniques of top producers.

Andrew Beccue is an active member of the Pinnacle Society. To learn more about the Pinnacle Society, click here.

Afterburner Seminars

Afterburner Incorporated’s team building events and corporate workshops are founded on the principles of the Flawless Execution℠ model, developed from a combina

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tion of business experience and strategic and tactical military execution. Afterburner draws from its Three E’s, Empower, Equip and Embed, to teach corporate teams the Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief system to transform companies from the ground up. In Afterburner Empower, clients of all sizes (including corporations, meeting planners, groups and trade associations) can benefit from a variety of experiential corporate team building events, including inspirational keynote speeches and the legendary “Afterburner Day” team-building experience.

The company was founded in 1996 by former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot James D. Murphy, when “Murph” realized that the tools he learned in the zero-tolerance-for-error world of military aviation were applicable and imperative to business success. Since its creation, Afterburner has trained over 1.5 million managers and executives in the simple, scalable, continuous improvement processes of Flawless Execution℠ by delivering customized corporate training workshops, team building events and motivational seminars.

Afterburner’s accomplishments include being listed in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies” twice, with regular features in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, Newsweek, and Meetings and Conventions Magazine. Afterburner has also appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg News. Murphy is also the author of Business Is Combat, now in its third printing, and his latest book, The Debrief Imperative.

To learn more about Afterburner, click here.