Why manufacturing is a Perfect Transition Industry

Re-entering the job force after time in military service is often tough.  What do you want to do with your life now? This is a daunting question and it takes a lot of thought before deciding. However, it’s possible to cut through some of that anxiety by focusing on one major industry and the one that caters best to ex-service members is manufacturing.

The skills that are honed in the military can be transferred into manufacturing careers seamlessly and oftentimes without much difficulty. Attention to detail, precision, and a strong work ethic are all abilities that are required for a successful manufacturing career. The strongest, however, is teamwork. One person cannot design, build, market, sell, and deliver products. Well, it’s possible, but to be a force in the global economy it takes a strong, cohesive unit as did your service experience.

In addition to an expansion of skills, manufacturing offers many opportunities for creativity and job growth. For example, industrial designers are able to create products that are new and unique. Other careers that fall underneath the umbrella of manufacturing are electronics designers, aerospace, car and motorcycle engineers, marketing and even sales. Essentially anything that is a consumer product consisting of more than one part takes a team of manufacturing individuals to reach the public. And once someone enters a company it’s not uncommon for individuals to continue to rise within the business if they’re willing to put in the work needed.

Other attributes that are common in manufacturing are organization, precision, and a strong attention to detail. Consider building a motorcycle or an airplane. People’s lives are at stake and sloppy work is unacceptable. Your service experience has taught you to be accurate, organized, and alert which are the same skills that allow for success in a manufacturing career and keeping buyers safe.

As the products of the world continue to change to compete in the marketplace it takes strong leaders to keep businesses moving forward. The skills that are taught in the military transfer well into manufacturing and allow for you to get in on the ground floor and continue moving upward. The sky’s the limit with a manufacturing career.

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