The Real Cost of Recruiters

So many organizations today look at recruiting fees as a bad thing, when in reality it can be the exact opposite. The cost of hire for an engineer over 2 – 5 years can be around $70,000. Multiply that over a number of bad hires and it can be detrimental to a facilities well being.

Using a professional recruiter—and I stress Professional—can save a single facility well into six figures. Professional recruiters can:

  • Place the right candidate into a position they really want, which will
  • Reduce turnover rates, which can
  • Reduce the cost per hire

Having an open leadership position for a long period of time is costly as well. Missing a Physician or Physical Therapist for example, reduces the number of patients seen on a given day, which reduces revenue for the whole facility. Multiply that by weeks—or even months—and the loss of billing is huge. Now fill those positions and what does the bottom line look like?

Professional recruiters are much more valuable than someone that just sends resumes; they are consultants. They can help with the decision process on qualifications, compensation rates and the hiring process. If your facility is struggling in their hiring process, a good recruiter can help you establish one, or stream line the one you do have. The value brought to the table by a professional recruiter cannot be dismissed or over looked.

What has your experience with recruiters been like? Do you have a recruiter story to share? Drop me a note and tell my your thoughts.

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